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Posted on 28th Jan 2015, 3:12 AM in Old Area 42
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Mike Podgor 28th Jan 2015, 3:12 AM edit delete
Mike Podgor
I suppose I should thank Neil Kapit and Melaredblu, because their comments did provide a bit of inspiration for this strip and its title (they're titled at the main site). In fact, thank you to all my readers who are a constant source of ego-massaging support.

Speaking of inspiration, Randall Malus created Doctor Derangemo and Tampon-Bot and also wrote the current arc at PC/MS.


NeilKapit 29th Jan 2015, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Is there ever a bad time for a Blue Man Group reference? IS THERE?!
Mike Podgor 29th Jan 2015, 8:03 PM edit delete reply
Mike Podgor
The scene opens on a funeral. Everyone is sad. Somewhere, someone starts tapping on the chair in front of them, and the noise starts traveling until a man is drumming on the casket. Everyone is staring at him. Later, his mother asks him why.

"The way everyone was crying in there, I just figured we were in the Blue Man Group," says the man.