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Posted on 28th Nov 2014, 1:48 AM in Old Area 42
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Mike Podgor 28th Nov 2014, 1:48 AM edit delete
Mike Podgor
So, yeah, I decided to take Thursday off. We'll find out what happens to Crystal on Monday. Since it's still November 17th in the comic, she has thirteen days to write 50,000 words, which is only about 3900 words a day. It's doable. Will she be able to, though? Will M allow her to do so? He could easily win this right now if he wanted to. We'll find out on Monday.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have three days to write 17,775 words. That's a whopping 5,925 words a day. I'm not really excited about my chances.

EDIT: Down to 14640.
EDIT #2: Down to 2265.


ProfEtheric 28th Nov 2014, 11:50 AM edit delete reply
Ugh! You inflicted Crystal with one of the most terrible things a creative type can ever suffer!


Good luck with the remainder of your NaNo... :)
melaredblu 29th Nov 2014, 4:28 AM edit delete reply
Forgot to back up and save? Hell awaits you.