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Posted on 3rd Nov 2014, 10:29 AM in Old Area 42
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Mike Podgor 3rd Nov 2014, 10:29 AM edit delete
Mike Podgor
Yes, of course I'm doing another NaNoWriMo story-line. I'm very behind as of this posting (2188 words on Day 3 is not normal for me) but I can catch up. Thankfully, the new format allows something like this to go off without much of a hitch since the last story wrapped up yesterday and everything. M and Crystal will be writing by the end of the week. I might also have Charleston and Perverto doing something, too. I'm not sure yet. Anyway, is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? If you live in the Cleveland, OH area you totally should. There's meet-ups and everything!


ProfEtheric 3rd Nov 2014, 2:08 PM edit delete reply
Crystal is just a bit delightful. Completely off her rocker, but delightful.
I, sadly, am not taking part in NaNo, since my comic is taking so much of my time to maintain...
Mike Podgor 3rd Nov 2014, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
Mike Podgor
I'm glad Crystal is actually becoming a character and not someone I use twice and say, "I don't really like this person anymore."

As for NaNoWriMo, I hear you. When I was doing three full-color things a week, it was impossible to balance everything. Your effort certainly shows in Autumn Bay, though.
melaredblu 17th Nov 2014, 1:18 AM edit delete reply
My favorite part about NaNoWriMo is it takes place when I'm at my busiest. Would it kill them to have it during a boring time of year?
Mike Podgor 17th Nov 2014, 2:36 AM edit delete reply
Mike Podgor
They do it again in April and June, actually. It's not as organized as the November one, but it's still a thing.
melaredblu 17th Nov 2014, 3:47 AM edit delete reply
No kidding? Maybe I should try the one in June, then! Thanks for the heads-up!